To the victor go the spoils

In this case, the “spoils” is a mouthful of Jackson’s hair, seized by Frank as Jackson ran away from their little spat.  Jackson started it by targeting Frank, then Frank lashed back, then Jackson chased Frank into the safety of the bathroom before charging off to hide behind the couch.  From the exchange, you’d assume that Jackson had the last word, but it’s hard to tell that from this photo:


It’s been almost exactly six months since Frank arrived, yet he and Jackson just cannot manage to get along.  They tend to each stick to opposite ends of the upstairs, but there’s this no-man’s-land in-between them (aka, the hallway and my desk), where they’ll often face off.  I have to give Frank props for generally being quite agreeable with the other cats, especially Chelsea, but he’s still the odd man out.  He’d rather hang out with the little dogs, Cricket and Phoenix, than enter the TV room where the rest of the cats congregate.  The other three cats are enjoying that room quite a bit as of late, because I finally rolled up the window shades (the ones which block out the sun’s heat in the summer months), and they can all climb on the tall cat tree and gaze out the window.  Chelsea is especially happy because it’s the beginning of “blanket season”, that time of year when we’re still wearing shorts, but our feet and legs get cold at night when we watch TV.  Chelsea loves nothing more than a lap with a blanket.  It’s funny how much you can deduce about a pet’s previous owner from the odd quirks they display.  Flippy and I both think that Chelsea and Jackson’s former owner spent a lot of time with a blanket on her lap, while eating potato chips.  Chelsea has an odd fascination with potato chips, although she only smells them and drools, and doesn’t actually eat them.

I have to put in a plug for a new product we bought at the local pet store called, Spicy Micey.  It’s a little plastic tub of powered catnip, and four little faux fur red mice.  You put the mice in the container, shake it up, and then pass out the mice (which are now covered in little catnip sprinkles).  Our cats just LOVE these things, even more than they love other dried catnip products, or even the whole dried catnip sprigs you can buy in a canister.  Spicy Miceys are so adored that I’m now down to just one spicy mouse, as I can’t find the other three.  I think of them as exercise for cats and their owners—the cats pounce on them and roll around and throw the mice in the air, then I spend half an hour crawling around the floor and stretching to reach under the coffee table and sofas to try to find the mice later so I can put them away.  Hey, Spicy Micey manufacturer—I’ve run out of mice before I’ve run out of catnip!

I’m going to add a few photos to my photo gallery, but I’ll throw one more in this entry.  Remember a few weeks ago when I posted that whole sequence of me trying to take Derek’s photo?  Here’s my latest attempt, and you can see his little paws actually reaching out to push the camera away:


Posted by Leigh-Ann on 11/04 at 09:28 PM

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  1. Normally, I really hate the cat fights, but this one was hilarious.  Frank had so much of Jackson’s hair hanging out of his mouth and I laughed and laughed and laughed, until I think I hurt Jackson & Frank’s boy fightin’ feelings.  Big dorks, the two of them.

    Posted by Flippy  on  11/05  at  01:33 AM
  2. I adopted a 6 year old this past June, and she is still ‘fussing’ at the other 4 cats in the household. She was in a household prior to ours with only one indoor-outdoor cat who was a kitten. She accepted him after a few months. But, I am still trying to get her to adapt to her new friends. The other 4 are just so easy going…if only they would all just get along. So, I understood your story completely!

    Posted by Debra  on  11/07  at  09:55 AM
  3. I’ll check back with you in a couple of years, Debra, to see if either of us have any peace in the household yet :)

    Posted by Leigh-Ann (aka Mudpuppy)  on  11/08  at  01:01 AM
  4. LMAO at those pictures!

    Frank and Derek are both overflowing with personality.  :lol:

    I took a look at your other pet pics and your flock is beautiful!  I love your bird room with the lino.  We have carpet in ours and it is such a PITA to keep clean!  I love my birds, but they can sure make one heck of a huge mess.

    Posted by Expat  on  11/08  at  02:08 PM
  5. We were lucky enough to buy a new house, so we could have certain things “built to order”.  We specifically asked for one of the bedrooms to have linoleum flooring and planned for it to the be the birds’ room.  If we’d had more money, we would have had more tile put in—the remaining carpeting and the linoleum are still tough to keep clean.  I’m certainly glad I’m not having to clean up carpeting under the birdcages, but you know, raspberry and blueberry will stain linoleum, too :)

    Posted by Leigh-Ann  on  11/08  at  11:56 PM
  6. We built our house too, and it has been nothing short of the American Nightmare! 

    Should we ever decide to build again, I am definitely going to incorporate linoleum into the bird room.  The only thing that would make that better is to have a drain in the floor and a water hose.  LMAO

    Come to think of it, I bet that would be every bird owners’ dream!  :)

    Posted by Expat  on  11/10  at  02:22 PM
  7. You have some nice cats on your photo site ;-D And don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that eventually they will get along just fine.

    Posted by Wong PoKér Hu Online  on  11/12  at  05:14 AM
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